Want to find a way of getting your music distributed around the home without going down the Sonos (or the like) route, yet desire the same kind of multi-room integration using more traditional audio components? Yamaha's MusicCast range of products has arrived with the aim of doing just this. With its own multi-room standard integrated into its new series of hi-fi components, soundbars and AV receivers, it allows audio to be shared over wired and wireless networks as well as using Bluetooth and AirPlay through connected devices. 

If the MusicCast name sounds familiar, it's because it is the monicker (but not the tech) that was also given to the brand's hard-disk-based system launched in 2003. With 23 MusicCast products announced – including the MCR-N670D micro system (£700) pictured – there looks to be plenty of component options to enable customers to quickly establish a multi-room setup and share any input on any MusicCast device with any other around the home. Play a disc on your CD player in your living room connected to a MusicCast amplifier and listen to it on a networked MusicCast device in your bedroom, anyone?

As well as access to streaming services like Spotify through Connect and Apple Music through AirPlay, all MusicCast products claim to offer support for hi-res audio up to 24/192. Some high-end components also support DSD up to 5.6MHz as well as downsampling the audio so that you can listen on non-DSD compatible devices around the home.

Establishing a MusicCast device on your network and linking to other devices around the home is touted as being a simple one-button connection. Yamaha has also developed and implemented its own multi-room system control app called the MusicCast controller. Available as a free download for Android and iOS devices, it enables users to link rooms together, adjust settings per room, control master volumes, view album art and personalise room icons etc. More control features look set to be added in future updates.

The new MusicCast range is available now with products starting at £200. For more details head on over to Yamaha's website.