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Audiovector Ki 1 Super Discreet System - £1,850

LOUDSPEAKERS: Audiovector Ki 1 Super Discreet System - £1,850

Audiovector has approached active speaker design with a distinctive twist, Ed Selley finds out if th...

JBL Authentic L16 - £900

ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEMS: JBL Authentic L16 - £900

Vintage style is very hip, but is this wireless speaker system from JBL bang on trend or a step too ...

Micromega MyAmp - £480


You don't have to be a nihilist to enjoy Micromega's new MyAmp integrated amplifier and DAC, says Da...

Teac AI-301DA - £400


The AI-301DA is a versatile amp that will play hi-res formats and more. Adrian Justins' problem is d...

Spendor D1 - £1,795

LOUDSPEAKERS: Spendor D1 - £1,795

Spendor's new D1 is the greatest in a long line of mini-monitors that stretches back four decades Da...

ATC SCM40 - £3,275


In the SCM40, ATC has a sizeable floorstanding loudspeaker that's set way away from the fray, says D...

McIntosh MXA70- £5,995

ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEMS: McIntosh MXA70- £5,995

Here's a small system with bags of charisma and retro charm, says David Price

Philips Fidelio DTM9030 - £700

LOUDSPEAKERS: Philips Fidelio DTM9030 - £700

Philips' Fidelio active speakers combines all the source and connectivity options you're likely to n...

Monitor Audio A100 - £399

INTEGRATED AMPLIFIERS: Monitor Audio A100 - £399

Awesome sonics and stunning design mean Monitor Audio's first amp will be more than just a head turn...

Epos K2 - £999

LOUDSPEAKERS: Epos K2 - £999

With a new designer and a rather unusual approach, the K2 is an important speaker for Epos. David Pr...

Cabasse Stream Source - £299

NETWORK MEDIA PLAYERS: Cabasse Stream Source - £299

The Cabasse Stream Source is a neat hub that unleashes music from networked devices. Lee Dunkley che...

Analogue Works Turntable One - £1,200

TURNTABLES / ARMS / CARTRIDGES: Analogue Works Turntable One - £1,200

Vinyl junkies get lucky as Andrew Simpson checks out this new wheel of steel that's built on impress...

Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP - £5,995

INTEGRATED AMPLIFIERS: Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP - £5,995

Icon Audio's thumping new Stereo 845 PP integrated amplifier has got one hell of a lot of bottle, re...

Dynaudio XEO 6 - £2,925

LOUDSPEAKERS: Dynaudio XEO 6 - £2,925

Dynaudio ups the ante on its active speaker Xeo flagship lineup through a range of new features. And...

Elipson Planet LW and Audio Bridge - £1,399

LOUDSPEAKERS: Elipson Planet LW and Audio Bridge - £1,399

Elipson's Planet LW speaker has an all new interface and Ed Selley wonders if their potential has be...

Monitor Audio Silver 8 - £1,250

LOUDSPEAKERS: Monitor Audio Silver 8 - £1,250

Monitor Audio's new Silver 8 floorstander is packed with go-faster goodies, and the result is a supe...

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Welcome to our February 2015 issue. This month’s group test looks at six flexible phono stages to get your vinyl in the groove, and we also go In-depth with the return of Technics and its Premium Class C700 system. Plus, we listen to Cabasse's Antigua MT32 speakers, Onkyo’s bargain C-N7050 CD/streamer and we visit Southsea’s Pie & Vinyl record shop. Enjoy!

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