Wires, huh yeah, what are they good for? Absolutely nothing!” So goes the classic Edwin Starr song. Okay, so maybe we’re a little confused about the actual words to Starr’s classic slice of soul, but the point remains – having a mass of cables trailing from your hi-fi to your speakers can be a unnecessarily messy business. Of course, wireless technology has been around for some time, but its been decidedly shaky to say the least, until now that is...

Much of the credit for the turnaround in the fortunes of wireless speaker technology is down to Bluetooth, or more precisely the introduction of aptX, which means that ditching the wires needn’t mean giving up on decent quality sound.

Thanks to the good folk at Blue Aura, we’ve got a treasure trove of Bluetooth goodies up for grabs. For two lucky winners we have a pair of x40 floorstanders alongside the excellent xSub subwoofer. Two second place bundles consist of a pair of x30 bookshelf speakers and we have three third place x10 stereo speakers up for grabs. So what are you waiting for? 

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