Fine tune like a pro

The dark art of subwoofer setup is explained in this fantastic series of videos produced by REL. Corner placement, orientation, phase, crossover and room correction for both two-channel and home cinema are all explored in depth. Click here to find out more.

Sonos: Sound Tracks

A fascinating series of videos by acclaimed music journalist Joe Levy, Sound Tracks is available to Tidal subscribers and features in-depth chat with producers, engineers and musicians about the tunes that changed their lives. Click here for more. 


Listen with Focal

For those that fancy checking out some interesting music from different genres, Focal’s Listen Beyond series compiles an impressive selection of tunes neatly split into categories. The playlists are available via Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz and Google Play Music. Click here to hear for yourself. 


Paint by numbers

There are multiple acoustic treatments that you can carry out to improve your listening room, with varying degrees of success. In this video Synergistic Research’s lead designer explains the merits of his patented Acoustic Paint. Revolutionary or snake oil, you decide by clicking here.  

A question of balance

If you look, there’s copious amounts of information about setting up your turntable online, but when it comes to the art of balancing the tonearm, it’s all rather quiet. This excellent guide, with beautiful interactive illustrations produced by thinglink is a must for vinylistas and can be found here


Vinyl vs CD

Like The Beatles vs The Stones, Oasis vs Blur and, er, Duran Duran vs Spandau Ballet, music is full of vicious rivalries, but few are more hotly contested than the analogue vs digital debate of vinyl and CD. This archive feature from LA Weekly creates a compelling case for the silver disc. Click here to read it.