Monster Mash

The half-time ads in the American football Superbowl are among the world’s most expensive to buy, so it came as a surprise to see a hi-fi company’s commercial featured this year. Click here to watch it and look out for the cameo by Monster’s CEO, Noel Lee.


Truth in sound

Speaker manufacturer MartinLogan has redesigned its website and the results are
as uncompromising and unflinching as its speakers. Gorgeous photography, fascinating videos and all the specs you could ask for, it’s well worth a look. Click here to see for yourself. 



I know you got soul

Radio Four’s excellent Soul Music series focuses on different pieces of music and their emotional impact, including everything from the hymn Jerusalem to The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry, Kraftwerk’s Computer Love and Mozart’s Requiem. Check out the episodes for yourself by clicking here.



Harmony explained

This brilliant video features musician Jacob Collier explaining the concept of the harmony to five different people, each with increasing degrees of complexity. Starting with a child, he progresses to a teen, a student and a professional before finishing with Herbie Hancock. Take a look by clicking here.



More more more

Owners of Musical Fidelity’s M6 Encore 225 are advised to check out the tutorial video section on Musical Fidelity’s site. Providing advice on everything from setup to using the Encore’s web interface, this is an invaluable resource to get the very most from your one-box music system. See how you can get the best from your setup by clicking here.


Community spirit

Hosted by Cyrus Audio, the Official Listening Room enables enthusiasts to share in-depth discussions, technical knowledge and viewpoints relating to music and hi-fi. You’ll have to apply to be a member, but with over 1,300 others from across the world it’s a great use of social media. Click here to join in the fun.