Back in 1988 Tracy Chapman famously sang Talkin’ Bout A Revolution and here we are some 28 years later still talking about the same subject matter, although this Revolution is one that everyone would welcome into their life. We speak, of course, of Tannoy’s rather wonderful Revolution XT speaker range, consisting of the XT 6 standmount, XT 6F and XT 8F floorstanders, XT Mini and XT C centre for home cinema.

The range features the Dual Concentric driver that has given Tannoy its distinctive sound over the years. For the uninitiated, time for a quick recap. By keeping the tweeter and the midrange units together on the same plane, it makes for a more phase-coherent sound, which gives excellent soundstaging and pin-point location. The redesign of the Dual Concentric is said to be “a major milestone in more than 65 years of the company’s audio research and development”, which is no mean feat.

Six appeal
But enough about the science of the speaker, how does it sound? The good news is that the XT 6 standmount and XT 6F have both been put through their paces in the HFC test lab and passed with flying colours. The floorstanding XT 6F was tested back in issue 400, scored an impressive five stars and was duly awarded a Recommended badge. Not to be outdone, the standmount XT 6 went through the same process in issue 403 and provided precisely the same outcome. In short, these are deeply impressive speakers.

“The little 6 has the ability to draw you away from its shortcomings (when compared to its 6F sibling), and lets you focus on what it does well, giving a charming and exuberant performance that makes music fun” is what we said about it, while the floorstanding 6F proved to be just as impressive. “There’s something instinctively right about the sound of this loudspeaker. First impressions, when a speaker initially reveals itself, are important and can decide whether it lives or dies in the showroom. From the off, the Revolution XT 6F impresses”.

And the good news is that – thanks to Tannoy – you too can enjoy the Revolution experience for yourself in your listening room as we’ve got a pair of Revolution XT 6Fs up for grabs, along with a pair of Revolution XT 6 standmout loudspeakers for two runners up. To be in with a chance of nabbing yourself a pair and revolutionising your home audio system, simply answer the ridiculously easy question opposite, follow the how to enter instructions opposite and hope that it’s you’re lucky day.


1st prize – Tannoy Revolution XT 6F

Reviewed back in issue 400, the £999 floorstander performed far better than it really had any right to given its price tag. Add the traditional values of the Dual Concentric driver – starting with that wonderful ‘point-source’ imaging – to its highly engaging sound, and you have a loudspeaker that is likely to prove to be a welcome addition to any listening room. Read full review here.







2nd prize – Tannoy Revolution XT 6

The more affordable £600 standmount might lack its larger sibling’s additional bass driver and cabinet volume, but that didn’t stop it blowing our socks off back in issue 403 when we reviewed it. We discovered that when partnered with a powerful amplifier, the size and the power of the XT 6 is totally unexpected and it gives little away to its XT 6F bigger brother, delivering a lively and extremely enjoyable performance. Read full review here.




What is the centre speaker in the Revolution XT range called? 

A) Revolution XT C
B) Revolution Centre
C) Revolution CTC

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