Meet the latest update to Roksan’s famed Radius turntable, the Radius 7. Boasting the same decoupled dual-layer plinth design as the company’s Xerxes record deck, but in a new precision-machined ‘glass-effect’ finish, the Radius 7 features a high-accuracy, temperature-compensated crystal speed control system, claimed to maintain pitch-perfect speed stability at both 33 and 45rpm.

The Radius 7 comes supplied as standard with the Roksan Nima tonearm, which is a low-friction, uni-pivot design that allows any pick-up cartridge to navigate the groove accurately to a fine tolerance. Assembled by hand, the aluminium alloy arm tube boasts the same internal wiring as Roksan’s previous flagship tonearm, the Artemiz. The Nima has a recommended cartridge weight of 5-12g and the Radius 7 also has the same precision-machined acrylic platter as the Radius 5.2 (HFC 338). The Radius 7 is available to buy now for £1,900 from Henley Designs.