When approaching its latest turntable, Rega’s designers were tasked with making their most successful model yet even easier to use and more accessible to a wider audience. The result is the Planar 1 Plus, which ditches the USB interface for digitising music in favour of a built-in moving-magnet stage based on Rega’s Fono Mini. Like the Planar 1 on which it is based, the Plus additionally boasts Rega’s RB110 tonearm, which rather handily includes automatic bias adjustment, making setup easier for beginners. Rega’s Carbon moving-magnet cartridge is supplied, as is a new ‘Plug and Play’ balance weight and redesigned feet to increase stability while minimising vibration transfer. The 23mm, high-mass phenolic platter now comes with an improved flywheel effect for better speed stability while the new Thermoset, gloss laminated plinth (available in black and white finishes) has the power switch located on the underside. Priced at £329, the Planar 1 Plus is available to buy now and you can find out more about it by clicking here. Look out for our full review in the July 2018 issue.