Quad continues to mark its 79th anniversary with the launch of the new Artera range, which includes the Artera Play CD player DAC and preamp, alongside the Artera Stereo power amplifier, which is available in a choice of either black or silver finishes.

At the heart of the Artera Play, is the ESS Sabre32 9018 32-bit, eight-channel digital-to-analogue converter. This is Quad’s first component to utilise this hybrid multi-bit chipset and external digital sources can, claims Quad, benefit from its exceptional quality via a range of digital inputs. These include USB, with support for up to 32/384 PCM and also DSD64/128/256. The Artera Play’s preamp boasts a balanced Class A output stage. Two coaxial and two optical inputs cater for digital sources alongside the USB input, while a pair of RCA phono inputs is onhand for analogue ones. 

The Artera Stereo power amp is rated at 140W per channel into 8ohm and connectivity options include single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs, a 12V trigger input and speaker binding posts.

The Artera Play costs £1,399, while the Artera Stereo is £1,499, both are available now and you can find out more here.