Onkyo has unveiled its new R-N855 network stereo receiver, which shoehorns custom audio circuit boards festooned with high-quality electrical components, a massive customised EI transformer and two huge capacitors into a half-width metal chassis. Bolstered by an aluminum faceplate, this full-flat rigid chassis aims to prevent interference caused by mechanical vibration, maintaining clarity of sound.

The space-saving design is made possible by Onkyo-original switching amplification with discrete modulation stage, which develops a claimed 70W x 70W of power with low distortion levels. Combined with a flagship AK4490 32-bit/768kHz DAC and original VLSC filtering, audio performance is described as being clear and energetic with power to handle difficult-to-drive or highly sensitive bookshelf speakers.

Engineered for Hi-Res Audio playback including 11.2MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz PCM, the R-N855 connects compatible HDDs via rear USB input and enables music selection via smartphone app complete with artwork and filter/search functions.

A future firmware update is claimed to enable full music server capability with audio files writable to HDD via personal computer. With app-based streaming via Google Cast, AirPlay, Spotify, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, almost any music can be flicked from phone to stereo in moments.

Further entertainment comes with inbuilt TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn services, FM/RDS/DAB+ tuners, phono input for turntable and gold-plated 24-bit/192kHz-capable digital coaxial and optical inputs for CD or PC audio.


Presented as a solution for music lovers who seek pristine sound from an elegant and unobtrusive separates package, the R-N855 receiver forms the centerpiece of Onkyo’s new CS-N1075 Compact Hi-Fi System (above). This package includes a matching C-755 compact disc player with a rigid 1.6mm full-flat chassis and aluminum front panel with custom EI transformer, AKM 24-bit/192kHz DAC, and VLSC processing. A pair of D-175 2-Way speakers with 13cm N-OMF diaphragm woofers and 3cm ring-modulation tweeters completes this no-nonsense system.

All components are available in a choice of black or silver finishes from October with prices quoted as follows: CS-N1075 Compact Hi-Fi System: £1049, R-N855 Network Receiver: £549 and C-755 CD player: £349.

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