MONITOR AUDIO HAS been busy stepping its loudspeakers up a gear, and the latest range to get some attention is its popular BX range with the next generation of models. The redefined lineup of seven Bronze speakers draws on developments further up the maker’s extensive range. It carries four new hi-fi models that include the Bronze One and Bronze Two standmounts, along with the Bronze Five and Bronze Six floorstanding models. Additionally there are three models for surround sound duties, including the Bronze Centre, Bronze FX and Bronze W10 – dedicated centre, surround and subwoofer respectively.

All models in the seven-strong Bronze line are now fitted with the company’s latest 25mm C-CAM gold dome tweeter, which claims to extend frequency responses for each new model up to 30kHz. First up, the Bronze One is priced at £230 per pair and has a 5.5in C-CAM bass driver. The Bronze Two is armed with a larger 6.5in C-CAM bass driver as well as a front-firing HiVe II port and costs £280 per pair.

The Bronze Five is the first of the two floorstanders and is fitted with a 5.5in C-CAM bass driver and 5.5in C-CAM bass/mid driver arranged in a 2.5-way configuration, operating in separate acoustic chambers with front and rear-firing HiVe II ports to provide differential tuning for efficiency and bass extension, says its maker. It’s priced at £560 per pair.

The towering flagship Bronze Six (pictured above) has two 6.5in C-CAM bass drivers operating in tandem with a further 6.5in C-CAM midrange unit housed in a dedicated chamber. As with the Five it’s a 2.5-way configuration and the matching drivers are claimed to be tuned for different roles to deliver large-scale dynamics. It costs £700 per pair.

For multi-channel fans the Bronze Centre carries twin 5.5in C-CAM bass/midrange drivers straddling a Bronze C-CAM tweeter, and is priced at £160. The wall-hugging Bronze FX surround speaker can be used in di-pole (diffuse) or bi-pole (direct) operation. It is equipped with a single 5.5in C-CAM bass/mid driver flanked by dual C-CAM gold dome tweeters mounted on angled side panels for a wider, more enveloping surround soundfield, says the brand. Last but by no means least, the W10 powered subwoofer has a 10in C-CAM long-throw driver and a downward firing 10in ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator). It costs £500. 

Vinyl finishes include black oak, walnut, rosemah and white ash.