Originally unveiled at the High End Show in Munich back in May, NAD announces two additions to its prestigious Masters Series line. First up, the M32 Direct Digital Amplifier (pictured above) claims 2x 150W power output and is a true digital amp, and not just Class D. Computer controlled, it amplifies entirely in the digital domain and only converts audio signals to analogue at the speaker terminals to give the shortest signal path possible. It’s fitted with a moving-magnet phono input as well as digital inputs in the form of coaxial, optical, AES/EBU, USB type A and type B and an asynchronous USB 2.0 computer input. There’s also a dedicated headphone amp, twin sets of speaker outputs for bi-wiring and a subwoofer out with a configurable digital crossover.

It can be fitted with an optional BluOS operating system via the Modular Design Construction (MDC) slots to expand support for local NAS drives and internet music streaming services.

The M50.2 Digital Music Player is a high-resolution, multi-room wireless streamer and CD ripper with 2x 2TB of RAID storage built in. It’s touted as a top-of-the-line extension to the company’s 40th anniversary M50/M51/M52 Digital Music Suite and combines the functionality of both the M50 and M52 into one sleek package. Users can rip CDs in 24/192 to the internal storage or download hi-res music without the need for a computer, says NAD. It’s BluOS-enabled for streaming to compatible speakers and offers digital-only outputs including coaxial, optical, USB, AES/EBU and HDMI connections, as well as two USB inputs. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are built in, and there’s an Ethernet port for those who prefer hardwired connections.

Both models are priced at £3,700, with the M32 available now and the M50.2 set to arrive in August. You can find out more by clicking here.