Building on the success of its original N1 series of NAS drives (we saw the N1A back in HFC 397), Melco has unveiled the three new models that make up the MKII range. Like the N1A before them, the new N1ZS20/2, N1ZH60/2 and N1AH60/2 store and play a digital music library without the need for any other computer or IT devices. 

The flagship N1ZS20/2 (£7,700) has two new second-generation 1TB solid state drivers (SSD) mounted on what Melco describes as a massive non-magnetic anti-vibration platform. These are supported by a dedicated power supply with additional capacitor banks using audiophile-grade components for the SSDs, ensuring purity right at the very start of the audio chain.

The N1ZH60/2 (£4,299) takes the same rigid vibration damping casework and pairs it with two 3TB small form-factor HDD drives, configured for a 6TB music storage library. Finally, the entry-level N1AH60/2 (£2,099) has 6TB internal capacity. Meanwhile, power supply technology derived from the N1ZS20/2 ensures the feed is noise-free and stable as possible.

All three models benefit from a dedicated Neutrik USB 2.0 port that allows direct playback of content without having to install any drivers, as well as new operating firmware, giving full control from the front panel and removing the need for network controllers or apps. The new NAS drives are available to buy now and you can find out more by clicking here.