Mark Levinson has unveiled two new designs, which can either be brought separately to expand your system or as a pair to create an exceptional pre-power partnership. The £16,000 No 523 preamplifier is claimed to deliver an uncompromising performance regardless of analogue source and comes equipped with a Class-A phono stage, Class-A main drive headphone output and discreet balanced R-2R ladder volume control. It boasts five line-level analogue inputs, two balanced XLRs, three single RCA stereo outputs and a phono input with earthing post.

Meanwhile, the No 534 (bottom in pic) dual-monaural power amp delivers 250W per channel (into 8ohm) in Class A (doubling to 500W into 4ohm). Balanced and single-ended inputs plus four pairs of gold-plated binding posts make up its connections. Both are available in the UK from Karma AV or visit for more info.