After the introduction of the analogue-only PM8006 integrated amplifier with phono stage (£1,099) at the end of last year, Marantz kicked off 2018 by unveiling its matching ND8006 – a digital music player that combines network streaming and CD playback, available now for £1,099. Designed by the audio specialist as a high-quality universal music player, it can be used to partner a conventional integrated amplifier (such as the intended PM8006) or connected directly to a power amplifier or active speaker of your choosing, thanks to its built-in digital preamp. HEOS integration also enables it to form part of a multi-room setup – just add HEOS speakers.

Disc playback extends to CD and CD-R/RW (MP3/WMA), but unlike other disc players in the Marantz range, SACD isn't supported. Ethernet and dual-band wi-fi networking means that music libraries ripped to a NAS drive or computer can be streamed over a home network to the ND8006 as well as providing access to internet radio or music streaming services including Spotify Connect, Deezer Premium+ and Tidal via the internet.

Described by Marantz as: "The complete digital music source player", it also features both Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth wireless connectivity to enable users to stream music stored on or accessed via portable devices. 

The built-in DAC supports up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256 music files. Digital signals are handled using Marantz's proprietary Musical Digital Filtering system and an ESS9016 Sabre DAC with dual crystal clocks.
A noise isolation circuit on the USB Type-B input and digital audio inputs – 2x optical and 1x coaxial – prevents interference from connected components to maintain signal purity, while the analogue circuitry uses Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs), which claim to offer wider dynamic range with lower distortion for the analogue output stage. A shielded toroidal transformer and double-layered chassis bottom plate with rigid feet are incorporated to minimise internal noise.

The dedicated headphone amplifier uses fully discrete components including the same HDAM technology as the main audio circuits, and selectable gain to allow it to drive a wide range of headphone designs. A ‘H/P OFF’ mode ensures the best possible sound when the headphone stage isn’t required. It comes with a system remote that can control the matching PM8006 integrated amp, and is available in black or Marantz 'silver-gold'. 

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