Introducing Lehmannaudio’s latest headphone amplifier, the £450 Drachenfels. Named after a hill in the North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany, it can be used as a headphone amp and has twin 6.35mm jack outputs with gold-plated contacts, or as a single-input preamp for a power amplifier or set of powered speakers. Lehmannaudio claims it provides 12dB of gain, and says that because of its Alps Blue Velvet potentiometer and synchronism with the ultra low-noise circuit, there is no need for a gain switch. Meanwhile, the back panel has been designed to come away so that upgrade modules with more inputs can be added in the future – USB, coaxial/optical inputs and Bluetooth are on the horizon. Available in the UK from Henley Audio, you can find out more about the Drachenfels here.