What better way to celebrate 70 years of being in the business of sound than by introducing a new model that harks back to a legendary three-way speaker from the seventies? That’s precisely what JBL had in mind when it decided to rework its classic three-way compact studio monitor, and the result is the £2,500 4312SE. Reprising the driver configuration and aesthetics of the renowned 4310/4311 studio and L100 ‘Century’ hi-fi monitors, the new speaker includes JBL’s latest transducers in the shape of the 300mm Aqua-Plas-coated pure pulp cone bass driver, 125mmm polymer-coated pure pulp cone midrange and a 25mm aluminium/magnesium alloy tweeter with waveguide and configured in mirror-image pairs.

Additional features include a bass reflex enclosure with front-firing port, front panel mid and high-frequency controls and a removable black cloth grille. Each speaker has a special 70th anniversary badge and certificate with signatures of the engineer and assembly technician. The 4312SE is distributed in the UK by Karma AV, click here to find out more.