EVO3 Initium is IsoTek’s new entry-level power cable, designed to take the place off the standard black mains leads that are typically supplied with hi-fi components. Cheaply produced mains cables are widely recognised as suffering from the ill-effects of mains-borne ‘noise’, which takes a number of forms. ‘Differential mode noise’ is exacerbated by the switch-mode power supplies that are common in many devices, from computers to kitchen appliances. ‘Common mode noise’ is ever-increasing due to wireless networking creating airborne interference. It's claimed that even with the highest quality audio and AV equipment, you may only be accessing around 80 percent of your system’s full potential. Enter the IsoTek EVO3, which aims to block out all this noise.

It has three 2mm2 conductors arranged in a parallel construction with a slight rotational twist in order to block out any RFI and EMI interference. 99.9999% oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors are utilised as they offer an exceptional level of purity with enhanced conductivity, and are less likely to fracture or degrade over time. A polyethylene (PE) dielectric is used for insulation purposes as it is chemically inert and has a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. IsoTek states that it possesses a high degree of stress crack resistance and a low coefficient of friction, making it an exceptional dielectric.

Cotton filler gives the cable internal strength and reduces microphony, while a paper wrap secures the construction prior to the application of the PVC outer jacket. Together with the cotton filler, the paper forms a buffer with the PVC to maintain dielectric properties. Finally, a PVC outer jacket gives a high degree of flexibility and mechanical strength. Completing the package are bespoke audiophile-grade IsoTek moulded connectors featuring solid OFC conductors with robust nickel plating.

The IsoTek EVO3 Initium power cable is available now priced at £64.95 for a 1.5m terminated cable with a 10mm diameter. Suitable for use with CD players, preamps, tuners, power amps, Blu-ray players, music servers, TV and soundbars, it's being distributed in the UK by Sound Fowndations. Find out more about it here.