£810 p27

A hi-fi standmounter

from a company with

a reputation for

professional monitors.

It looks great, but how

does it sound to a

domestic audience?

Dali Ikon 2 Mk2

£639 p29

There’s no denying this

Danish loudspeaker

company’s fine

provenance, and there’s

also no denying the

Ikon 2’s very interesting

three-driver design.

Focal Aria 906

£798 p31

One of France’s largest

and most successful

brands, this new box

sports a dramatic

upgrade to its mid/bass

unit in the form of a new

flax cone material.


£800 p33

Celebrating its fiftieth

anniversary recently,

esteemed speaker

maker KEF decided to

knock up something a

little special, and the

LS50 (get it?) is the result.

Mission SX2

£700 p35

One of Britain’s most


successful speaker

brands of the modern

age, can the smart little

SX2 put its name on

your shortlist?

Monitor Audio Silver 2

£650 p37

A British company that’s

sold serious speakers

since the seventies.

The Silver series is

MA’s strongest ever

affordable range, and

promises much.





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