Perfectly suited for those that like to listen to music while they exercise, Gibson Innovations has teamed up with the fastest man alive Usain Bolt to produce the Ti100 in-ear. Designed to offer style, freedom of movement and superb sound, the wireless sport in-earphones utilise wireless Bluetooth technology to make it easy to listen to music while training.

The Ti100 features a unique Aeroflex system that allows users to switch between in-ear and a more secure ear-hook style depending on the planned intensity of their training session. And as with the TH100 on-ear model, safety and visibility have been made a priority for when training at night, with both models featuring NightNav technology which includes LED lighting at the back of the earphone to make the user more visible.

With a quoted 6.5 hours battery life and weighing 14g, the Trainer by Gibson is made for both casual and serious training sessions. 

Like the TH100, the Ti100 in-ear model brings together a range of specific features developed with sports enthusiasts in mind. These include the Safesound button, which lowers the music and bass volume so that users to stay alert to their environmental, and Weatherseal,which means that the earphones are rain and sweat resistant thanks to specific water-resistant material. Longer lifetime is achieved through Duracord, using a Zylon fibre reinforced durable cable, the same used in cutting-edge F1 cars.

The Ti100 Trainer by Gibson in-ear headphones is available in black or white from John Lewis for £149.95