It’s an unfortunate side effect that as records spin on turntables, friction with the air causes them to constantly gain a static charge. The result is that a record’s level of frictional static electricity can reach up to anywhere between 3,000V and 20,000V. This electro-static noise interference, of course, has compromising effects on sound quality. Enter Furutech’s revolutionary SK-Filter, which aims to solves the problem.

The SK-Filter uses Thunderon, which consists of a very fine acrylic fibre chemically bonded with copper sulfide. The conductive filament has the ability to discharge static electricity into the air whenever static-charged material approaches – meaning that the SK-Filter’s fibres do not need to touch the vinyl. They are positioned a millimetre or two above the disc's surface, which is fully adjustable to complement a wide range of setups.

The Furutech SK-Filter LP static eliminator is available now priced at £350 and is being distributed by Sound Fowndations, click here to find out more.