A new UK music streaming service has launched, enabling users to access millions of albums via their TV and wi-fi network. Electric Jukebox is designed to provide music for a one-off single payment of £169 for a one-year 'Premium Music Pass'.

The Electric Jukebox TV stick plugs into your the television's HDMI port, while the Electric Jukebox controller provides simple ‘point and click’ motion sensitive controls with a built-in microphone for Voice Search by saying the name of the artist album or song you want. It's available in a choice of red, blue and charcoal finishes and it enables users to create  mixtapes or access channels curated by music experts and celebrity mixtapes.

The initial £169 Electric Jukebox package includes a full 1-year Premium Music Pass, while a further 1-year pass costs £52 per year. If users chose not to take up a Premium Music Pass in the second year, Electric Jukebox continues to provide the curated music experience and celebrity mixtapes but with ads.

Electric Jukebox is available in-store at major retailers, etailers and online now, click here for more info.