Designed to appeal to vinyl enthusiasts owning multiple cartridges, turntables or tonearms, Cyrus’ new Phono Signature preamplifier boasts four inputs engineered to accurately match the exact specification of the cartridge. Adjustment is, therefore, provided for MC cartridges in gain, resistance and capacitance, facilitating up to 160 possible combinations.

The Phono Signature also includes a high-capacity and very low-noise DC power supply that enables the preamp to provide, what Cyrus refers to as “an extremely wide dynamic range”. It’s claimed that performance is much improved thanks to the inclusion of a RIAA passive de-emphasis filter – which uses metallised polyester capacitors – and an optional external PSX-R2 power supply that provides regulated DC power for the signal amplification. The Phono Signature boasts RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs, and is available in a choice of brushed black or quartz silver finishes. The Signature phono stage is available now for £1,200 and will be on test in the March issue (on sale 25 February), find out more here.