Cambridge audio has started off its 50th anniversary year by introducing a new pair of dedicated phono stages. The moving-magnet Solo (pictured top) claims 36dB gain (@1kHz) and 10W maximum power consumption. With nominal output of 300mV, it is expected to cost £150. Priced at £100 more, the Duo incorporates both moving-magnet and moving-coil input stages, with 60dB gain claimed for the latter. It also includes a dedicated headphone amplifier with 6.35mm output jack and volume control so that listeners can enjoy their vinyl without switching on the main hi-fi amplifier. 

Both phono stages come equipped with a rear-mounted balance control to trim channel level inbalances in cartridges and utilise a switch mode power supply and surface mount components for improved signal handling and reduced levels of interference. Manufactured from aluminium and steel with a graphite grey polished finish, they are available to buy now from Richer Sounds. Click here to find out more about the Solo and here for more on the Duo..