2018 has been another year where vinyl’s popularity showed no sign of abating and given Rega’s work in redefining last year’s Planar 6, the arrival of the new Planar 8 didn’t come as the biggest surprise. However, few people could have predicted that it would be quite so different from pretty much every other turntable that the Southend-based specialist has produced up until now.

Borrowing design concepts and features liberally from the RP8, Planar 6 and – perhaps most impressive of all – Naiad flagship vinyl spinner, which is ordinarily only built to order in extremely limited numbers, the Planar 8 had vinylistas everywhere drooling in anticipation before we even had a chance to give it a spin. 

Looking similar to the RP8 minus its plinth, the Planar 8 is actually 30 percent lighter than its sibling but beefed up by a careful addition of mass, most notably in the form of the three-piece laminate platter, which is constructed from two different types of glass – with a thicker section on the outside edge. Combined with the RB880 tonearm, Neo PSU and prefitted with a choice of MC cartridges, it’s a tantalising prospect.

Planar perfection
Happily the Planar 8 is not just a pretty face, and seals the deal by sounding every bit as good as it looks. The implication that bass response is tied to mass is swiftly laid to rest, thanks to a truly wonderful low end. Not content with being tuneful and impeccably integrated, it’s also delivered with plenty of force and matched by a treble performance that’s equally compelling. Throw into the mix the irresistible combination of rock steady pitch stability, silence at idle, incredible emotional engagement and an ability to drag the best performance even from well worn LPs and you have not only the best turntable we’ve seen in 2018, but an exceptional prize for HFC readers.

But Rega’s generosity doesn’t end there as the company has additionally thrown in an Apheta 2 moving-coil cartridge, deftly showcasing everything that’s good about the Planar 8 even further. To be in with a chance of owning this formidable turntable package, answer the simple question opposite and enter at: www.hifichoice.co.uk. Good luck!  

To be in with a chance of winning answer this simple question:

What is the name of Rega’s built-to-order flagship turntable? 

A) Planar 10

B) Naiad

C) Planar 8

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