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Phono preamplifiers


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Creek Wyndsor	Phono - £1,500

Creek Wyndsor Phono - £1,500

Creek has upped the ante with its first no compromise phono stage, Jason Kennedy puts the new Wyndsor through its paces

Primare R32 - £850

Primare R32 - £850

Primare's beautifully built, full-width phono stage is the perfect partner for serious vinyl systems says analogue addict Jason Kennedy

Dynavector P-75 MkII - £595

Dynavector P-75 MkII - £595

Can a humble cartridge-maker craft the perfect phono stage? Dynavector's radical P-75 looks to invigorate Jason Kennedy's LP collection

Linn Uphorik - £1,850

Linn Uphorik - £1,850

In this exclusive review Jimmy Hughes looks at Linn's new 'universal' phono stage and discovers a must-have tool for LP lovers

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