Wilson Audio is perhaps best known for its high-end floorstanding loudspeaker designs with their uncompromising levels of performance and money-no-object designs. We've been lucky enough to experience some of the brand's extraordinary models at The Hi-Fi Show Live showcases run by our sister title Hi-Fi News, and the brand is sure to draw eager crowds once again to its UK distributor Absolute Sounds' listening rooms at this year's event running from 10-11 November – advanced tickets on sale now through eventbrite.co.uk.

While it makes some lofty designs right up to the £700,000 WAMM (Wilson Audio Modular Monitor) Master Chronosonic, the TuneTot is the Utah-based company's smallest ever speaker, designed to bring its high sonic standards in a compact form built for tight, awkward, acoustically hostile spaces around the home. 

Priced at £10,998, TuneTot draws its name and much of its design philosophy from the Wilson Audio Tiny Tot (WATT) – one of its most iconic loudspeaker designs from the mid-eighties. The asymmetric cabinet design ensures that no two internal surfaces are parallel, to help reduce unwanted reflections. A two-way standmount design, it measures just 377mm tall and uses Wilson's proprietary, ultra-vibration-resistant X- and S-material composites with a 146mm mid/bass driver and 25mm tweeter, and claims 86dB sensitivity into 8ohm. Austenitic stainless-steel spikes isolate the speaker from its environment and provide time-alignment adjustability.

Available finished in quartz, teak, ivory, carbon and crimson, the TuneTot can be customised with ISOBase platforms (£2,398 per pair) to enhance performance when placing the speakers on a resonant surface such as a desktop, for example. Optional grilles are available in slate grey, parchment grey, black, blanco, Le Mans blue and mocha (£335 per pair), and coloured aluminium rings for the mid/bass drivers are also available in steel grey, clear, red or black (£698 per pair) for further customisation options. TuneTot is being distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds and you can find out mre about it here.