Gearbox Automatic

Produced by mastering engineers, the Gearbox Automatic turntable connects via Bluetooth and has Spotify integration so that it can identify what it is playing and then save it to a Spotify playlist, if that’s your thing. See for yourself in this video


Make the grade

When buying and selling secondhand vinyl its condition can be vital, but the complex world of grading is also deeply confusing. How do you spot your near mint cuts from those that are merely excellent or very good? This guide explains all.


Rough and ready

Naim has collaborated with Rough Trade, providing kit for its record stores and hosting a showcase for artists on its label at the Bristol store following the Sound & Vision show. To celebrate the partnership, it has put together a Rough Trade/Naim Records playlist on Spotify and Tidal. Click here to hear it for yourself.   


Hot chocolate

With the intention of awakening multiple senses and in an effort to celebrate the ephemeral nature of food and music, French artist Julia Drouhin has successfully created a vinyl record from chocolate. Let’s just hope it tastes better than it sounds on this Instagram video.


Radio gaga

Linn has long been respected as a purveyor of high-quality audio from some of the music world’s leading lights, but did you know you can enjoy its output via its three radio stations? Broadcast in 320kbps MP3 (that’s twice the quality of DAB), they’re well worth tuning in to. Click here for more.


Round the horn

Known in certain circles for its custom steampunk tube amps and horn speakers, Wheel Fi provides a glorious example of the skill that’s involved in making a beautiful system in this fantastically shot video. We want one, but just need to figure out where on earth we’d fit it in. Click here to see it for yourself.