Flat’s all folks!

Warped vinyl can be the bane of the record collector, but help is at hand in this excellent guide to restoring your beloved music to pristine condition again, along with some top tips to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the first place. Click here to learn more. 


This is the end

“The end of owning music” screams Rolling Stone magazine in this alarmist, but admittedly rather thought-provoking piece on what the future holds for physical music, featuring insight from industry insiders, record label owners and Jack White. read it for yourself here and see if you agree. 


You’re surrounded

Discover how sound engineers took Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D immersive sound audio technology to create a unique
360° surround mix of Pink Floyd’s last performance together (back at the 2005 Live 8 concert in Hyde Park) for the exhibition in the V&A museum. See all the action here.    


Finding the sweet spot

It’s all very well investing time and effort in your system, but if the speakers aren’t correctly positioned you’re wasting your time. The simple advice on placement in this video from Henley Audio should ensure that where you sit allows you to get the most from your setup.


Making a Classic

Go behind the scenes to discover the manufacturing process behind VPI’s “vibration-free” Classic 1 turntable in this video featuring VPI President Harry Weisfeld and discover how the creation of a vinyl cleaning machine kick started the company’s passion for vinyl.


Record breakers

The Slow Mo Guys have built up a huge following by doing interesting stuff and then filming it in super slow motion so that you can see everything that happens. In their latest video they spin a 12in so fast that it shatters. It has very little to do with hi-fi, but is nonetheless enormous fun.