Tesco has revealed that it will become the first major UK supermarket to once again sell vinyl records, following the announcement that it will release Iron Maiden's next album later this week. The new release, The Book Of Souls, is Iron Maiden's first release in five years and will be available on vinyl in 55 Tesco Extra stores across the country from Friday 4th September.

Tesco's music buyer Michael Mulligan told Music Business Worldwide: “In the last year we began selling record decks in our largest stores and initial sales are very encouraging so giving our customers some new vinyl to play on those decks seems like the logical next step. If this trial is a success then we would consider selling more vinyl albums before the end of the year.”

While undoubtedly good news for the increasing growth of vinyl, the announcement will prove worrying for idependent record shops who have had to face the might of supermarkets selling CDs at vastly reduced prices in the past.