If you weren’t fortunate enough to get your hands on one of the 900 limited edition SL-1200GAE turntables outside of Japan (or the 300 in Japan), fear not as the update of Technics legendary turntable will still be coming to stores in the form of the SL-1200G you see before you here. Boasting a three-layer construction, which consists of a rigidly combined heavyweight brass and aluminium die-cast platter with deadening rubber covering the entire surface, the SL-1200G is claimed to eliminate resonance and achieve high rigidity and vibration damping during playback. The tonearm follows suit, employing lightweight magnesium, which has been cold drawn to further increase the damping effect. Technics additionally claims that cogging has been eliminated thanks to a new coreless direct-drive motor, which suppresses potential vibrations using high-precision rotary positioning sensors guided by a microprocessor-controlled system. Look out for a review in an upcoming issue of HFC and find out more here.