TEAC has underlined its commitment to hi-res with the release of the UD-503 dual-monaural USB DAC/headphone amplifier and the NT-503DAB USB DAC/network player (above).

The UD-503 boasts support for 11.2MHz DSD and 32/384 PCM formats. With a set of analogue inputs also provided and a 256-step QVSC (Quad Volume Control System), it can act as a standalone preamp, either partnered with power amps or active speakers. 

While most headphone amps opt to support conventional single-ended headphone output, the UD-503’s HCLD (High Current Line Driver) circuit goes further by supporting single-ended, balanced (BTL) and Active GND modes. The result of which – claims TEAC – is a lower noise floor and increased sonic insight.

The NT-503DAB network player employs the same pair of AK4490 DAC chips that are utilised by the UD-503 for hi-res compatibility with 11.2MHz DSD and 32-bit/384kHz PCM from a computer via USB cable, as well as 5.6MHz DSD and 24-bit/192kHz music streaming via LAN or USB Flash Memory. In order to reproduce hi-res audio on both left and right channels precisely and independently, its dual-monaural circuit has a pair of toroidal-core power transformers, dual DAC chips and symmetrically laid out output stages.

It can stream music from portable devices, smartphones and  tablets via LAN, Bluetooth (aptX) and USB. There’s direct, built-in support for DAB/DAB+ digital radio broadcasts and paid-for music services such as Spotify and Deezer, and the free TuneIn internet radio portal. Both units are available now in black or silver finishes, costing £700 for the UD-503 and £950 for the NT-503 £950. Read more here.