As more people opt for headphones as their choice of transducer for music, there is a growing number of products designed to ensure headgear is giving its best. TEAC has one such portable item, and its HA-P5 headphone amplifier claims to be ultralight, weighing in at just 182g. Circuit design is based on the Tokyo brand’s UD-501 (HFC 375) and HA-501 hi-fi components, and hi-res digital audio signals are routed via a Burr-Brown PCM1795 D/A converter before being passed to a high-power 2x 160mW (at 32ohm) Class A/B amplifier. 

It has two separate master clocks to handle 44.1kHz and 48kHz digital signals, an arrangement that TEAC says delivers a much more accurate final digital-to-analogue signal conversion. As well as USB type A and B inputs (for direct connection of iOS and Android-based source devices to cater for DSD 5.6MHz and PCM 24-bit/192kHz), the HA-P5 also carries optical and coaxial digital inputs, while a line-level analogue output is additionally fitted. Available now for £499, you can find out more about the HA-P5 here.