Danish brand Tangent Audio has continued its association with the highly renowned designer Jacob Jensen and its new Bluetooth portable wireless speaker, the Fjord Mini, is the outcome of the collaboration.

The speaker features two 2.5in full-range drive units partenered by a passive radiator that is in turn powered by a stereo 20W amp. It can be charged up for portable use (offering up to eight hours depending on volume level) or run off of the mains for use around the home. Connectivity comes via  EDR and A2DP Bluetooth and contactless NFC pairing is also provided, together with HFP for hands-free call operation should you wish to use it with your smartphone. A charging docking station and charge cable along with a separate power supply come boxed with the speaker.

The Fjord Mini is described by Tangent as: "A minimalistic sculpture in the home, inviting operation all by itself. The high-quality materials and seductive finger-touch button makes Tangent Fjord Mini a physical expression for the satisfaction we experience, when quality in all aspects makes form and function unite on a higher level". 

The Fjord Mini is available to buy now for £149.95 and you can find out more here.