Voice control was among one of the biggest advances in 2017, and it hasn’t taken multi-room giant Sonos long to bring this functionality into its ecosystem. The new One is the first Sonos multi-room speaker to include Amazon Alexa voice control (and from 2018, Google Assistant) built in. The speaker uses six far-field microphones and voice capture technology with echo cancellation tech to ensure it receives voice commands clearly. A volume ‘duck’ feature drops the music level as soon as you start talking. You can use voice control to skip tracks, select playlists as well as other playback features and ask it all the same questions that you might want to put to any other voice-controlled device.

As a multi-room music speaker, the One is equipped with a high level of support for pretty much every streaming service around as well as connecting to networked home devices via Ethernet or wireless. It measures 120 x 161 x 120mm (WxHxD) and has two speaker drivers – one mid/bass driver and one tweeter, each driven by its own Class D amplifier. The One can be used on its own or as part of a stereo pair with another unit or even as rear speakers in a Sonos home cinema setup. If you don’t fancy talking, the top panel has a capacitive touch pad that allows it to skip tracks and raise or lower the volume. The One is available now in a choice of black and white finishes for £199. Click here to find out more.