Big news has reached us from Roksan concerning the latest addition to its K3 Series – the CD Di, which is a combination of Compact Disc player and digital-to-analogue converter that expands the range to a greater choice of input sources, the manufacturer tells us. We loved Roksan's first set of K3 components, launched earlier this year, when we partnered the CD player with matching integrated amplifier and the combo received a well-earned Editor's Choice back in the April issue (HFC 396). 

Roksan continues: "The idea behind the CD Di is to provide audio enthusiasts with a high-quality digital source that will not only play an existing CD library to the expected audiophile standard, but will also host an array of other digital sources as one audiophile 'hub'. By incorporating both CD player and DAC into one box, users can save space by avoiding the need for extra boxes and achieve consistent audio performance across digital platforms."   

It costs £50 more than the decidedly 'old-school' K3 CD – which remains in the range – but the CD Di introduces digital connectivity and shares the same Burr Brown PCM1798 DAC as its standalone disc-spinning sibling. It offers both optical and coaxial digital inputs capable of handling data streams of up to 24-bit/192kHz from connected music sources and there are optical, coaxial and XLR digital outputs as well as the obligatory stereo analogue RCAs. The digital inputs are selected by a three-position rocker switch underneath the unit, and a bi-coloured LED beneath the front plate illuminates white or blue to indicate when the coaxial or optical digital input is selected. 

The CD player section of the CD Di is based on the standalone K3 CD and has a front-loading disc drawer. The DAC works with a high-precision master clock with less than 150psecs of jitter and claims to incorporate premium components and an updated circuit design to deliver the same high levels of performance that its sibling component provided. 

Aesthetically the CD Di matches the other products in the K3 range and the slightly retro feel to the unit extends to its display, which has a music calendar, along with other features including elapsed time and track and disc time remaining. Random play and 10-second 'intro play' are a blast from the past, too.

The K3 CD Di is on sale now for £1,300 and available in a choice of anthracite, charcoal and opium finishes. Find out more here.