To celebrate its 25th anniversary, REL has revealed that it will be updating its reference subwoofer line and launching two new models in the shape of the No. 25 and the G1 Mark II.

The No. 25 combines a 1,000W amplifier with a lightweight carbon fibre 15in driver produced using a cone material that is stronger than steel, but weighs 70 percent less than a 10in cone from just two years ago. REL claims that the driver's light weight, coupled with its structural integrity, is what gives No. 25 its combination of speed and power throughout its 4in of fore-and-aft stroke. This is controlled by the company's filter sets and proprietary crossovers with two separate parametric equalisers permitting what's described as a "remarkably flat in-room response". Meanwhile, the company's wireless LongBow receiver is built in. 
The G1 MKII builds on the success of the Gibraltar G1 and so retains the curvilinear cabinet of the original, with its shape engineered to cancel standing waves as they travel through the cabinet. The laminated hardwood bracing has been re-configured for even greater rigidity. It has a 600W Class A/B amplifier built in with new limiters that allow a claimed (almost) 40 percent more power without compression. The driver has been upgraded and is described as being 25 percent stiffer than the G1, which enables a softer suspension that's better able to react to dynamics. REL describes the result as a substantial upgrade in the speed, liveliness and dynamics, making it ideal for both two-channel and home cinema systems.

John Hunter, owner and design director at REL told us: "25 years is a long time, few companies last that long in our industry. When we thought of our next 25 years, seasoned and matured we reflected, and then thought "It's time for some fun". So I sat down, knocked out the basic design of the No. 25 and got straight to work. Two years and hundreds of iterative refinements later we have produced something rather special and magical sounding, something worthy of leading off the next 25 years. No.25 is an inflection point that will influence our design and engineering for years to come. I will remember it differently as, simply, the most fun I have had in a very long time".  

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