Pure has announced the launch of the Highway 400 and 600 plug-and-play in-car digital audio entertainment adapters that give users access to a whole world of content. The new adapters are designed to sit on the dashboard to give the driver access to digital radio and Spotify, while Bluetooth allows for streaming from suitably equipped mobile phones.

Additional features include Music Disovery and Voice Activation. Music Discovery is particularly useful if you're listening to the radio and a tune comes on that you like. Simply press  the "Go" button on the display and the tune will be identified and added to a playlist so that you can revisit it later. Voice activation, meanwhile, allows the user to access the Siri (iOS) and OK Google (Android) personal assistant features on smartphones while driving so that you can keep both hands on the wheel. The Highway 600 also incorporates a separate microphone module so that users can make and receive calls safely while driving. 

The Pure Highway 400 and 600 adapters are available at a £129.99 and £149.99 respectively at Halfords from April. Click here for more information.