Unveiled together with a fully featured NS-6130 sibling, the NS-6170 combines intuitive usability with a traditional twin-monaural circuit layout and unique wideband filtering technology to effectively exploit the untapped potential of 11.2MHz DSD and 192kHz/24-bit PCM Hi-Res Audio.

The NS-6170 network audio player (above) is equipped with Google Cast, AirPlay, Spotify, wi-fi and a HDD-ready USB input. It's based on a twin-monaural L/R channel layout with separate power supply paths, discrete custom capacitors for each channel, and dual-differential 768 kHz/32-bit AK4490 DACs to decode the positive and negative halves of the signal waveform. Onkyo claims that this high-end circuit architecture stabilises voltage, drops the noise floor, and preserves wide bandwidth dynamics with outstanding precision.

Developed by Onkyo’s R&D team after years of exploratory research into Hi-Res Audio, a new wideband DIDRC Filter replaces the standard DAC output filter, with the aim of eliminating ultra-high-frequency distortion inevitably generated as a result of the digital-to-analogue conversion process. 

Despite existing outside the range of human hearing, this ultra-high-frequency noise masks the audible harmonic range of the original recording. Onkyo believes that the DIDRC Filter ensures that the true character of music—the atmosphere of the room, the textures, resonances, and colors of each individual instrument—are faithfully preserved from Hi-Res Audio Master to analogue signal.

A new control app simplifies selection within a user-friendly interface that displays album art and song information, together with on-demand music from Tidal, TuneIn, and Deezer. Users can also stream directly from the Spotify app or cast audio from any smartphone or PC application that supports Google Cast or AirPlay.

The NS-6170 and NS-6130 network audio players are available now, costing £699 and £449 respectively. For more details click here to check out Onkyo's website.