The BBC has today unveiled a new music app that pulls together music clips from across the network's TV shows and radio stations into one central searchable location. The new app, which is available on Android and iOS-enabled smartphones and tablets consists of live performances, DJ and presenter curated playlists and interviews with musicians.

Users will also be able to search for and play all tracks broadcast on BBC Radio over the past week and add favourites to their own playlist. It's also claimed that the app will learn the personal preferences of users and then deliver a choice of tunes that have been individually tailored to the user's taste.

By signing in to the app and allowing it to build up a picture of your music preferences – ie indicating what genres you prefer – the BBC Music app delivers audio and video recommendations, single tracks, interviews and playlists, it believes you will enjoy. It's claimed that over time as the app gains more data from each user, the recommendations should become more accurate.

Disappointingly, licensing restrictions mean that each clip will be limited to just 30 seconds and if you want to hear the full piece in its entirety you'll need to connect your account to Spotify, Deezer or YouTube to hear the complete version.

The BBC is currently in talks with Apple and Google to integrate their own streaming services within the app. Click here to find out more.