It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of being able to enjoy different types of music in different rooms or to pause what you’re listening to in the bath only to restart it once you’re in the bedroom seemed like the stuff of science fiction. But now, of course, this is very much part of everyday life. There are more multi-room systems available offering more ways to enjoy hi-res music than ever before, meaning that the ability to listen to Stevie in the shower, Lionel in the lounge or Bono in the bedroom is at long last possible even for the most picky of audiophiles.

This month’s extra special prize will enable you to do just that, thanks to the good folk at Musaic. Stemming from experienced hi-fi lineage, the company was co-founded and run by ex-Cambridge Audio technical director Matthew Bramble. Using his know-how and a little bit of street-smart savvy, Musaic part-funded the launch of its first two products using Kickstarter, and regular readers will no doubt remember just how impressed we were back in HFC 407, when we first laid eyes on the MP5 and MP10 music players.

House music
At the heart of these impressively powerful multi-room speakers beats cool-running Class D amplification, which in the MP5’s case outputs 18W per side into two full-range 55mm front-firing driver units made from doped paper cones with mylar dust caps. Meanwhile the MP10 ups the ante, boasting 60W on tap shared across a brace of 45mm high-frequency/midrange drivers flanking a centrally positioned 90mm front-firing bass driver. A rear grab handle, meanwhile, acts as a discreet bass port to further assist low-frequency reproduction. Additionally, both models feature a custom-tuned version of HDSX signal processing, which is claimed to expand the listening position’s sweet spot.

And boy do they pack a punch. When we tested both the MP5 and MP10, we were astonished at just how big a sound they produced – far larger than we had expected from such small boxes. Impressively, they create this big sound without trying to reach beyond their limits. The performance is convincingly well defined for speakers of this size, while offering enough excitement to grab your attention without ever becoming taxing. The MP5 impresses for the way in which the midrange is able to escape its physical confines, while the MP10 delivers when it comes to the lower frequencies. But don’t take our word for it, why not try to win a system for yourself? We have a MPL, MP5 and two MP10s up for grabs for one lucky winner. Good luck! 

To be in with a chance of winning answer this simple question:
What is the total power output of the Musaic MP5 speaker? 

A) 9W
B) 18W
C) 36W

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