Inside our March Issue:
The way we listen to music and the audio equipment we aspire to is continuously evolving. A quick glance through the pages of this month’s issue demonstrates that there are plenty of new products emerging to grab the attention of serious music fans, but many break with what hi-fi aficionados would consider to be traditional components.

Take this month’s exclusive review of Acoustic Energy’s AE1 Active standmount loudspeaker, which takes the iconic AE1 design – celebrating 30 years since its introduction – and has evolved it into a truly active loudspeaker for next-gen audio fans. Active speakers have traditionally been the staple of the pro audio sector, with few models making the crossover to the domestic market as home hi-fi fans prefer the potential upgrade flexibility that’s offered by a separate amplifier, rather than opting for a speaker design with dedicated amplification built in.             

In-ear headphones are also appealing to a different type of audio fan, and our six-way Group Test looks at the pick of the crop priced from the £300 to £400 sector.

Finally, a subwoofer isn’t just for home cinema use, and can offer surprising sonic improvements to a hi-fi setup that’s not all about that bass. Read our review to see how REL’s T/9i brings a boost to a music system. It’s a brave new world!   


This month’s reviews
We take a look at Acoustic Energy’s AE1 Active speaker, Rotel’s 14 Series CD & amp combo, Dynaudio Contour 20 standmount, NAD C 368 integrated. Plus, Beautiful System brings together the talents of KEF and Arcam and Music Legends celebrates 50 years of The Doors



Group Test
This month’s Group Test looks at six in-ear headphone models for high quality sounds on the move from: AKG, Etymotic, Final, Grado, Noble and RHA





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