Celebrating over 90 years as an audio manufacturer, Luxman has announced details of its latest integrated amp, the
L-590AX Mark II. Described by the Japanese company as the best integrated it has ever produced, the Class A amp is claimed to deliver “spellbinding clarity, exquisite sonic detail and fluid, free-breathing musicality” and is said to be a culmination of all that Luxman has learned since launching Japan’s first high-quality integrated back in 1961 – in the shape of the valve-based SQ5A. 

Boasting a single-chassis integrated design, the L-590AX Mark II has Luxman’s fourth-generation Only Distortion Negative Feedback (ODNF) circuit at its heart in order to restrict feedback only to distortion components, for a fast primary slew rate, ultra-wide bandwidth and enhanced signal-to-noise performance.

Power is rated at 30W per channel into 8ohm, doubling to 60W per channel into 4ohm, which Luxman describes as sufficient power to drive any loudspeaker of suitable quality. Reflecting the growing popularity of vinyl, a phono stage for both MM and MC cartridges is built in, while a headphone output is also included. Around the back are six line-level inputs (four single-ended RCA and two balanced XLR), alongside a phono input and an external preamp input. The L-590AX Mark II is available to buy now for £6.995 and you can read more about it here.