Originally conceived 17 years ago as a cost-no-object nearfield monitor for use in recording studios and broadcast vehicles, Leema Acoustics’ Xen loudspeaker was the result of a research project to squeeze a BBC-graded monitor into a small standmount cabinet that quickly found favour with music lovers. Unlike the original Xen, which was never designed for domestic use, the new Xen 2 offers a host of improvements over its professional predecessor. 

With a front baffle that’s the size of an A5 paperback book, the new Xen 2 is ultra compact and boasts a claimed frequency response of 57Hz-25kHz and an output of between 60W and 150W. 

It benefits from two bass reflex ports, which extend into the cabinet then fold down behind the bass driver – each measuring 260mm. We’re told the ports have been positioned close to the drive unit, so that the integration is as good as possible. 

The 100mm bass/mid driver is designed to be highly durable, while the tweeter is a 25mm soft-dome unit with a neodymium magnet and Ferro-fluid-loaded coil. 

Cabinet construction is folded and welded steel (1.5mm thick) lined with a bitumastic layer. The cabinet, claims the manufacturer, also benefits from a 12mm-thick steel bar across the centre to prevent flex, and a front panel that’s machined from high-grade MDF. The speaker terminals are suitable for bi-wiring and the Xen 2 comes in silver with veneered baffle or black paint finish. It's available now for £1,295 from Leema Acoustics.