KEF has become the latest company to release a desktop Bluetooth loudspeaker in the shape of the new Muo. However, it takes its design cues from the manufacturer’s iconic £140,000 Muon loudspeakers – flip the Muo onto its end and the holes in its grille reflect the curves of the impressive floorstander. Both were produced in collaboration with award-winning designer Ross Lovegrove and it’s claimed that the small Bluetooth speaker features a miniature version of the Uni-Q driver that’s used in the Muon, Blade and Reference speakers. 


Connectivity to computers and mobile devices comes via aptX Bluetooth and there’s also NFC ‘Tap-to-pair’ for hookup to most Android phones. The acoustically inert outer shell is constructed from extruded aluminium and there is a choice of horizon gold, storm grey, light silver, neptune blue and sunset orange finishes. Muo is available to buy now for £300, find out more here.