When it comes to choosing how to listen to your favourite music there area number of different options available. You can go with a traditional loudspeaker hooked up to your system via cables, you can go down the wi-fi route with a digital music system, you can stream your sounds to a Bluetooth speaker or you can lose yourself in a world of your own and put on a pair of headphones. This month, the kind folk at KEF offer up a prize for each of these eventualities, meaning that no matter what way you choose to listen, you can be sure of great sound quality.

The first prize in our bumper giveaway is the rather gorgeous LS50 standmount loudspeaker. With its 130mm rose gold-coloured magnesium/aluminium coned mid/bass driver it makes a bold statement. Set into this is a 25mm aluminium tweeter forming KEF’s patented Uni-Q array, which makes music appear to come from a single-point source. Sensitivity is rated at 85dB. The Titanium Grey cabinet is beautifully detailed and has a finish that looks far more expensive than you’d expect for its £800 price tag. The front baffle is curved and made from a special polyester resin combined with glass fibre and calcium carbonate, and the rear is home to a rather unconventional-looking bass port as well as single-wire speaker terminals.

When we tested the LS50 back in HFC 384 we couldn’t believe just how big it sounded, throwing instruments wide
into the listening room and giving that uncanny feeling of the sound hovering out in space, completely detached from
the speaker. Soundstaging is quite superb, providing an even, uniform tonal balance that really has to be heard to be believed. Ever so slightly warm, the LS50 doesn’t dry out recordings, instead allowing instruments to be heard in
their full glory, and this also extends to vocals. A neutral performer, it throws out plenty of fine detail and is really good
at conveying the gaps between the beats in the soundstage – giving it real clarity and making for a rhythmically
satisfying feel.

This month’s runner up will receive KEF’s extraordinary £350 EGG Wireless Digital Music System (HFC 410), which sees
the company’s excellent home cinema champion reworked as a superb desktop stereo system. The second runner up pulled from the hat will be able to enjoy Bluetooth audio, thanks to the £300 MUO wireless speaker and the third will receive a pair of M400 on-ear headphones, worth £150. Good luck!


EGG Wireless Digital Music System
Derived from KEF’s latest 5.1 satellite and subwoofer system and fitted with the same Uni-Q 115mm mid/bass driver with 19mm tweeter, this £350 active stereo setup really impressed us back in HFC 410. The desktop system is unfussy about placement, has a good selection of inputs and stunning sonic performance, making it a fantastic second prize.





MUO portable Bluetooth speaker
Taking its design cues from the manufacturer’s slightly more expensive £140,000 Muon loudspeaker, this £300 portable Bluetooth speaker features a miniature version of the Uni-Q drivers used in the Muon, Blade and Reference speakers no less, and is a great third prize.




M400 on-ear headphone
Lastly, the M400 on-ear headphone majors on comfort, thanks to its sumptuous memory foam pads. Featuring a 40mm neodymium driver and a foldable design, the £150 model is perfectly equipped for listening to your favourite music on the move – something that’s further assisted by its impressive noise isolation and 175g weight.







To be in with a chance of winning answer this simple question:

What KEF loudspeaker is the MUO's design based upon? 

A) Blade
B) Reference
C) Muon

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