Jeff Lynne’s ELO is set to deliver a new album which will be the first new ELO music in 15 years. Alone In The Universe, the album is set for global release 12 November on RCA Records in the UK.  The first single When I Was a Boy was released in late September and anyone that preorders the album will get it as an instant download.
As with ELO’s previous releases, Lynne continues to serve as producer, songwriter, arranger, lead singer and guitarist. ELO has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, had more than 20 Top 40 hits across the US and the UK and received countless awards and accolades.     
“Music is such a powerful force in our lives. A good song can make people feel much less alone in this universe. And trying to create one of those songs somehow makes me feel less alone too. My whole life—from being that kid with a dream in Birmingham right until today—proves how much music can do,” says Lynne.