Joining the world of multi-room music systems, Ixion is a new company from Norway. The Maestro is the first model to come from the luxury audio brand, and is touted as an all-encompassing music centre with Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music streaming services supported. It’s hand built in Oslo and is 220 x 220 x 220mm (WxHxD), with two 2.75in front speakers and a 5.5in subwoofer. Users can connect via wi-fi, LAN, Bluetooth, USB, digital Toslink, analogue stereo RCAs or 3.5mm jack inputs, while internet, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio options are also on board. It claims support for up to 24-bit/192kHz music file playback, and MQA format support is apparently on the horizon. The Maestro is sold exclusively through Harrods and is available in grey, blue, white and red finishes. 

Ixion’s multi-room capabilities come into play when the Solo:2 speaker (£299) launches this summer. Up to eight speakers can be linked to the Maestro, all uniquely networked via a power line rather than over wi-fi. The Maestro is available to buy now for £1,099, click here for more details.