With its 90mm-thick teardrop-shaped solid birch ply plinth, the new Elevation turntable stands out from the crowd, but the design is more about just looking good, with the high mass producing what Inspire claims is a rich deep bass performance and an agile presentation. Partnered with a 50mm solid acetyl platter that’s available in black or white, the distinctive record deck also features a dual belt pulley system and an aluminium bronze bearing.

The Elevation offers 33, 45 and 78rpm speeds and the ability to fine-tune the pace using the strobe light that plugs into the back of the off-board PSU. The supply itself is a new quartz-generated Pro-Ject Strobo Speedbox, which it’s claimed will improve both the AC motor’s performance and the sound quality even further.

The Elevation comes as standard with an Inspire Rega 202 tonearm and it’s available in a choice of cherry, walnut, light American oak, rosewood and maple veneers with prices starting from £1,550. Read all about it here.