Meet AeroSphère, the multi-room audio system that’s designed by Geneva to provide music around the home without looking like a traditional hi-fi setup. The red ‘balls’ (white and black options are also available)you can see in the picture below are actually loudspeakers – in this case the AeroSphère Small. A wireless active mono speaker, the Small is a standmount (an optional stand is available for £150) retailing at around £350.
It comprises a 1in tweeter separated in its own chamber from the 4in woofer.

Excusing the pun, the bigger AeroSphère Large (£649) is also an active wireless speaker, which can be placed on the optional stand. The domed cabinet, which is 40cm wide, is home to a pair of 1in tweeters, two 4in woofers and an upwards-firing 6in subwoofer, all arranged in their own separate chambers and powered by dedicated amplifiers. The speakers are driven by the AeroSphère Base (the small grey box pictured below), which can stream music to up to four speakers at once. It has a built-in CD player, FM/DAB/DAB+ tuner and has a spare line-in for hooking up an additional source. The Base boasts wi-fi capability and also supports AirPlay, DLNA and aptX Bluetooth. A dedicated app has also been designed by Geneva to make operation by either a smartphone or a tablet incredibly simple. The Base is available for £449. Discover more about Geneva's multi-room system here.